Frodo Baggings

Frodo Baggins was born in 2968(1968 S.R.)in Buckland. His parents drowned when he was very young, and he lived in Brandy Hall until Bilbo took him to Bag End and made Frodo his heir. He was Bilbo's nephew and their birthdays were the same day - the 22nd of September. Frodo lived in Bag End for twelve years till his 33rd birthday and Bilbo's 111th, when Bilbo held a great Birthday Party, leaving everything to Frodo, and they parted for many years. So he became the second hobbit - the bearer of the Ring. But that time he didn't know it: "Yet it may be useful" was all he said, but Gandalf noticed:" It may be useful and may be not". But the wizard had only suspicions that time and didn't say much.
After the departure of Bilbo he lived in Bag End for 27 years and saw Gandalf rather seldom. But one spring day the wizard came very anxious and told Frodo the story of the ring that Bilbo left him. Frodo decided to leave the Shire, and Gandalf counseled him to go to Rivendell as soon as possible. So Frodo began his quest to Orodruin, the Mount Doom. On the way to Rivendell he was wounded by a Morgul knife. He was healed by Elrond, one of the few people in Middle-earth who could do it, but the shadow of this wound remained with him for all his life. The story of his quest is fully told in "The Lord of the Rings", so there's no reason to retell it here. After his task was done, Frodo stayed in Minas Tirith for a while with Aragorn and Queen Arwen, and then left to the North with other hobbits and Gandalf. He lived in Shire for four years, and during that time he arranged Bilbo's notes and translations,
added his own and finished The Red Book which probably was Silmarillion). He passed over the Sea with Gandalf, Galadriel and other Wise of the previous Ages.