Tolkien has created a lot of diffrent species and new characters. Like Hobbits, Dwarfs, Elfs, Orcs and  magicians. Here will you find the diffrent characters from Lord of the Rings. If there is just a name then click on it and there will be a new page showed. This is only when a character is importent for the trilogy. If there is somthing that you think should be add at this page please contact me then by e-mail and I will extend my homepage. 
















 He is also a hobbit and lives at the same hole as Frodo. He will always stay with Frodo. He doesn't know much but continues, only for his love for Frodo. He stays a bit "normal" (when all is over, he stays in the Shire as a mayor).

A young hobbit, who goes with Frodo after hearing from Sam that he was leaving. He isn't allowed to go further that Rivendell. Gandalf helps and so he goes on. He has a big friend, Pippin, from whom he gets separated in Rohan. Merry travels on with Theoden, who becomes like a father to him. Again he isn't allowed to go on. Now Eowyn helps him. At the end he meets Pippin again and he has a happy life. 

 A young hobbit. The big friend of Merry. He goes with Frodo because of the story told by Sam. Gandalf helps him in Rivendell, so he is allowed to travel on. He gets separated from Merry in Rohan. He goes to Minas Tirith. He becomes loyal to Denethor. At the end he has a happy life in the Shire.

 Son of Gloin. He is a dwarf. Dwarfs have always hated Elves. Gimli has to travel with an Elf, Legolas, and in the beginning he doesn't like that. But as the story goes on he becomes great friends with Legolas. Dwarves hate a forest, but his love for Legolas is so great that he enters Fangorn with Legolas.

 He is an Elf. He hates Gimli in the beginning but loves him in the end. Elves hate caves but Legolas enters a cave with Gimli.


 A men and son of Denethor. He helps the fellowship but later he tries to take the Ring. He knows it was foolish and dies defending Merry and Pippin.


 A wizard. He wants the Ring for himself and turns traitor. His home Isengard is overthrown by Ents. He himself if overthrown by Gandalf. At the end he is killed by his servant Grima.

 The Black Lord who wants the Ring more than anything else. He didn't think that anyone would destroy the Ring and that was his Doom. 

Tom Bombadil
 A sort of men who helps them in the Old Forest. He is as old as the world. The Ring has now effect on him. 

 The shepherd of trees who lives in Fangorn. He helps Merry and Pippin and overthrows Isengard. He is an Ent. There aren't much Ents, since the Entwives have left them.

 King of Rohan. He is an old, friendly men, who wants to die in battle and so he does. 

 Steward of Gondor. Sauron has him in his power. Denethor becomes crazy after seeing his only living son Faramir dying. He burns himself.

Lady Galadriel
 An Elf who lives in Lorien. She provides them with food and gadgets. 

 Advisor of Theoden but really a servant of Saruman. He is expelled by Gandalf but shows up in the Shire with Saruman. Frodo convinces him that he isn't bad at all. Grima kills Saruman but he himself is killed by the hobbits who stood near him.

 Son of Denethor. Denethor loves Boromir more then Faramir and Faramir knows that. He helps the hobbits in the mountains near Mordor. He becomes a man with honor.

A men of Rohan. He was sent in prison by Grima but he is released. At he end he even becomes King.

 Eomor's sister. She also fights in battle and weds Faramir.

 Frodo's sword. It glooms when Orcs are nearby. 

The Ring
 When you put it on, you become invisible. When you are afraid you have a strong desire to put the Ring on. When you have the Ring on, the Black Riders can clearly see you. The Ring possesses your mind. The Ring decides who his bearer will be. (The killing of Deagol by Smeagol is a good example).