One joke that get out of control and became a bestseller and after seventy years still is a big craze is Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. While Tolkien was looking over the exams of his students, and one of the students didn't fill in his paper, he was begining to write down, Ones in a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. This was the beginning of the first book of Tolkien, The Hobbit. The introduction of Lord of the Rings. Over a million people read his work and there are many more to come. Now they are making a movie about Lord of the Rings. The first part of Lord of the Rings, The fellowship, will come out in december 2001, the second  part Two Towers in 2002, and the last part The return of the King will come out in 2003. So you have got something to look out for  the next couple of years. My opinion is that after I have seen a few fragments from the movie this film will be watched by al lot of people and will become a number one movie in the USA and will do it even better than Star wars.

Tolkien always have said that Lord of the Rings is just a fantasy story and it doesn't mean any thing over the world. But at the time he wrote Lord of the Rings there was a lot of tension in the world between WWI and WWII. And Tolkien was a very clever and he could expect that there would be an  other World War after the first one. Tolkien had fought in WWI.  He served in action as Batallion Signalling Officer on he particated in the Battle of the Somme. The daughter of Tolkien said that Tolkien has assimilate this in Lord of the Rings.

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If Tolkien met that Middle-earth was just the world like how it was back
then when he wrote it. That perhaps Germany was Mordor that wants to
conquer the entire world. That Sauron realy was Hitler and that the Nazgul where the SS. There are all kinds of possibilities but you have to guess to find the real answer. I think that you shouldn'tthink of that any more but just have to enjoy reading Lord of the Rings and don't try tofigure out what he was meaning by this story. If you do try and you think you have the answer to this question than please let me know but I think that nobody can find it out,and not because it is difficult to find but because there and know reason for this story.he just wanted to write something down. And that became Lord of the Rings.

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