This page is dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien, the grandfather of the fantasy genre. When I first read his book 'The Hobbit', as part of my English exam on literature, I really enjoyed it. As soon as I came to know that this was only an introduction to his masterpiece, 'Lord of the rings', I immediately started reading the first book of this trilogy, 'The fellowship of the ring'. This really exceeded my expectations, so I was anxious to read the other two parts, 'The two towers' and 'The return of the king'. After having read the entire trilogy, I decided to make a website about 'Lord of the rings'. And that is exactly what you are looking at now.

- I'm working now on a translation in Dutch. I'm looking for people who can make a translation for me in other languages.
- I'm making my own wallpapers now. 


This page is created by Rob van VlietŪ from the Netherlands
Released July 2000, last updated August 2000